better known as Nikko Helmets was established in CA, USA in 2011. Nikko is consisted of professionals dedicating in the helmet field for nearly 5 decades, multiple international certifications, superb quality and amazing features consistently recognized in the industry and most of all, innovative concepts for next evolutions.

Vision & Mission

The continued efforts have rewarded Nikko not only the awarding of ISO9001 certification but also international safety standards inlcuding but not limit to ECE, DOT, JIS, CE, CPSC, SNELL, ISI and CNS. In 2013, manufacturing was expanded in India with more exciting products exceeding the requirements and expectation in various regions around the globe. The establishment of the sector in India ensures Nikko to include both high-ends and economic options in the lineups. Nikko embraces the latent requirements yet to be acknowleged and addresses them with inspiring developments that amaze the markets. The features Nikko carries inlcude but not limit to aerodynamic structure, reinforced stiffness composite materials deliver, convertible styles, strategical ventilation, kid helmets, oversized options and optimal comfort to enhance the joy of every rides. Nikko is more than a vessel of your dreams. It is also a crazy lab to pursue unlimited possibility and enhanced safety required in outdoor adventure from time to time.